5 Easy Tricks You Can Do on the Ski Slope

Transform Your skiing with our latest 5 easy tricks. It's a fun guide for beginners and intermediate skiers. Learn how to perform the Ollie and advance with the Ollie 180°. Explore Skiing Switch for skiing backwards confidently. Improve your style with Switch Revert, Carving Revert, and more. Challenge yourself with the Manual trick and Tail Butter. This video offers easy-to-follow instructions for each trick, enhancing your freestyle skiing technique and adding excitement to your slope runs. 

How to Ski Switch Tutorial: https://stompitcamps.com/blogs/skiing/how-to-ski-switch-5-steps-to-skiing-backwards

5 Easy Tricks You Can Do on the Ski Slope
00:00 What you will learn in this ski tutorial.
00:25 Ollies
00:33 The difference between how to pop and ollie on skis
00:48 Trick 1.1 How to Ollie on Skis
01:27 Join a Ski Camp for Adults
01:40 Trick 1.2 How to Ollie 180° on Skis
02:18 Trick 1.3 How to Ollie 180° Over a Roller
03:58 Trick 2.1 How to Ski Switch / Ski Backwards
05:22 Trick 3.1 How to Switch Revert to Forward on Skis
06:20 Trick 3.2 How to Revert to Switch
07:08 Trick 3.3 How to do Carving Revert on Skis with Style
07:56 Trick 3.4 How to Opposite Carve Revert on Skis
09:16 Trick 4.1 How to Manual on Skis
11:18 Trick 4.2 How to Nollie to Manual on Skis
12:15 Trick 5.1 How to Tail Butter on Skis
13:01 Trick 5.2 How to Tail Butter 360 on Skis

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