My Favorite 5 Easy Ski Tricks to Have Fun Skiing Powder

The video tutorial features five ski tricks for having fun skiing on those powder days, including the slash, powder manual, and dolphin jumps. The tricks involve techniques such as skimming the surface, slashing deep powder skiing, and compressing the snow to achieve jumps and turns. Join a Ski Camp for Adults:

00:00 What you will learn in this video
00:34 How to Slash
00:58 How to Slash the surface on skis
02:51 How to Slash deep
03:43 How to Manual in Powder on Skis
04:50 180 to Nose Manual on Skis
07:09 How to Dolphin Jump in Powder on Skis
08:38 How to Dolpine 180 to 180 aka 360 Dolphin on Skis

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