Dominate Day One: 10 Tips for Freestyle Skiing Season Debut

This video provides 10 tips for freestyle skiers to start the season off right. The tips cover warming up the body, practising turns, jumps, rails, spins and even butters. Join a Ski Camp for Adults:


  • The video features David B Stompy, a coach for stompit freestyle ski camps.
  • Tip #1 focuses on warming up the body with a three-step exercise for the neck and whole body activation.
  • Tip #2 emphasizes the importance of practicing turns to improve technique and adjust speed before and after rails.
  • Tip #3 suggests warming up ski technique and edges with slope spins in a freestyle style.
  • Tip #4 encourages skiers to warm up their ability to bend their skis by practicing butters.
  • Tip #5 advises working on a perfect pop and landing on small jumps to improve technique.
  • Tip #6 suggests going for a favorite grab while doing bigger jumps.
  • Tip #7 emphasizes the importance of getting used to rotating again and recommends practicing rotations in various settings.
  • Tip #8 highlights the importance of feeling comfortable on rails and tubes by popping smoothly onto them.
  • Tip #9 focuses on locking onto rails and claiming your destiny in freestyle skiing.
  • Tip #10 encourages skiers to ski with intention and be present in their movements and tricks.
Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:56 Join a Ski Camp for Adults w. Stomp It Camps
01:06 1.Warm Up The Body
03:18 2. Warm Up Your Skiing Technique
05:41 3. Start slope spinning Freestyle
06:22 4. Butter it!
07:43 5. Perfect Pop & Landing
08:34 6. Pop Perfectly & Patiently Grab
10:04 7. Time to rotate on skis
11:10 8. Feel The Rails
12.09 9. Lock On and Claim Your Destiny
13:56 10. Ski With Intention