How to Ski Switch | 5 Steps to Skiing Backwards


In this freestyle ski tutorial, I teach you how to ski switch, which means you ski backwards. The tutorial will even teach you how to carve switch on in 5 simple steps. 

00:00 Introducing How to Ski Switch
00:41 Step 1: Ski Switch Standing Still
01:40 Join a Stomp It Camp
02:00 Step 2: Ski Switch on a Nursery Slope
02:56 Safety Tip: Pair up with a Friend
03:11 Safety Tip: Look Up the Hill
03:19 Mistake 1: Looking Over the Wrong Shoulder
03:29 Mistake 2: Too Much Bend by the Hip
03:53 Mistake 3: Too Large Snowplough
04:17 Step 3: How to Ski Switch on a Easy Ski Slope
04:36 Step 4: How to Switch Carve a J-Turn
05:41 Step 5: How to Carve Switch on Skis
06:14 Looking around only one shoulder