How to Double Cork | Part 2

What you will Learn in this Ski Tutorial

Part 2 on how to do a double cork on skis. Jens discusses their practice attempts, the importance of commitment, and the need for professional help to learn the trick safely. The prerequisites for attempting a double cork are also mentioned, including proficiency in double corks on trampolines and excellent service on skis. Jens then outlines the steps involved in performing a double cork, including warming up with smaller jumps, focusing on technique, grabbing correctly, and visualizing the movement. The importance of proper preparation and commitment is emphasized. Various attempts and techniques are discussed, highlighting the differences between doing a double cork 10 and a double cork 12. The speaker also expresses gratitude to their mentors and the individuals who filmed the tutorial.


  • The importance of commitment and practice in learning to do a double cork
  • Prerequisites for attempting a double cork, including proficiency in certain tricks and techniques
  • Warming up with smaller jumps to get a feel for double corks
  • The proper technique for performing a double cork, including grabbing and visualizing the movement
  • Different techniques and attempts for double cork 10 and double cork 12