How to Flatspin and Rodeo on Skis

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial video discusses the difference between flat spins and rodeos in skiing and provides tips on how to perform these tricks. Jens emphasizes the importance of practicing on an air bag or water ramp before attempting them on snow. He clarifies that a flat spin should not be more inverted than a certain angle, while a rodeo can include flips. Jens demonstrates how to set up for each trick and explains the key elements of their rotations. He progressively shows how to perform a rodeo three and five, and then adds a 180-degree rotation to the rodeo three to create a rodeo five. Jens then introduces the concept of a flat five, where the set-up involves punching forward with a slight rotation. He demonstrates the flat five and explains its similarities with the rodeo. The video also includes demonstrations of rodeo 360s and 540s, and the instructor shares his personal opinions on the naming and origins of these tricks.


  • Important to practice on air bag or water ramp before attempting tricks on snow
  • Flat spins should not be too inverted, whereas rodeos can include flips
  • Flat spins are set up by punching down forward and popping forwards with the body in front of the kicker
  • Rodeos are set up with a simple backward and in-between motion
  • Japan grab is popular for both tricks, as it slows down rotation
  • Demonstrations of rodeo three, five, 360, and 540
  • Flat five involves a punch forward with a slight rotation
  • Personal opinions on the naming and origins of flat spins and rodeos