How to Cork 360 on Skis

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides a guide on how to cork 360 on skis, a trick that requires practice and skill. The author emphasizes the importance of mastering the carve 360 and suggests practicing on an air bag or trampoline before attempting it on skis. They recommend using steep and short jumps for cork 360 attempts. Jens shares his experience of relearning the trick and offers advice on technique, including maintaining angulation, keeping eyes up, and setting the cork with the core. They also include insights from a friend on the importance of skiing technique and body positioning. The tutorial concludes with a reminder to be patient and start with smaller cork attempts before progressing to larger ones.


  • Cork 360 is a fun but challenging trick to master on skis.
  • Before attempting the trick, it is essential to be proficient in carving 360 and 540.
  • Practice cork 360 on an air bag or trampoline to understand the movements better.
  • Steep and short jumps are ideal for attempting cork 360.
  • The author shares their personal experience of relearning cork 360.
  • Maintaining angulation and keeping the eyes up are crucial for executing the trick correctly.
  • Setting the cork with the core and gently uncorking are key techniques.
  • Advice from a friend emphasizes the importance of skiing technique and body positioning.
  • There are multiple correct ways to perform cork 360, as long as it looks impressive.
  • Patience is vital, and progression should be gradual to avoid overdoing it.