How to Backflip on Skis

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to backflip on skis, emphasizing the importance of practice and safety. The video features a gymnastics coach who demonstrates the technique on a trampoline. Different options for practicing backflips are suggested, including using a water ramp, an air bag, or a self-built jump. The importance of finding a safe practice location and mastering the technique before attempting backflips on a park jump is stressed. Tips for achieving the correct rotation and landing are provided. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to share their successful backflips on social media for a chance to win gear from Smartwool.


  • Backflips on skis are exhilarating but can be dangerous, so it’s important to learn the technique properly
  • A gymnastics coach demonstrates the correct form for backflips on a trampoline
  • Key points from gymnastics are applied to skiing, such as a straight takeoff, tucking into the thighs for maximum height, and spotting the landing
  • Sloppy backflips can result in low height and potential injuries
  • Prerequisites for attempting backflips include mastering 3s and 5s, but some people learn backflips earlier
  • Water ramps, air bags, and self-built jumps are suggested as practice options
  • The importance of choosing a safe practice location with a suitable landing area is emphasized
  • It is recommended to practice backflips numerous times in a safe setting before attempting them on a park jump
  • The correct technique involves a proper stance, swinging the arms, popping fully at the end of the jump, tensing the buttocks and bringing the hip forward, tucking on the top, and adjusting the rotation as needed
  • Over-rotation can be problematic on larger jumps, so a gentle set off and spotting the landing are advised
  • Perfecting the speed and landing perpendicular are crucial for successful backflips on a park jump
  • The importance of practicing hundreds of times to learn safely and step-by-step is emphasized
  • Backflips can be performed in both park and backcountry settings