Skiing in Powder: 10 Tips on How to Make Long, Fluid Turns

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides tips on how to make long, fluid turns while skiing in powder. The video is divided into three sections: adapting to variable snow conditions, adjusting skiing technique for soft snow powder, and adapting to steeper terrain. Jens demonstrates drills and techniques to improve adaptability, including practicing short turns, maintaining a proper ski stance, and skiing in difficult conditions. The importance of avalanche training and having the right equipment is also emphasized.


  • The video focuses on long, fluid turns while skiing in powder.
  • Jens demonstrates drills to improve adaptability in variable snow conditions.
  • Techniques for skiing in soft snow powder, such as adjusting pressure on each ski, are discussed.
  • Jens provides tips for skiing steeper terrain, including controlling speed and adjusting turn techniques.
  • It is important to start within your comfort zone and gradually increase difficulty when practicing the drills.
  • Maintaining a proper ski stance with slightly bent knees is crucial for skiing in powder.
  • The “Hard Way Home” drill is recommended, which involves skiing in difficult conditions to improve adaptability and strength.
  • Jens emphasizes the need for avalanche training and carrying the right equipment when skiing off-piste.
  • Strategies for making the skis turn more similarly, such as mindful hip movement and leveraging leg strength, are discussed.
  • The three phases of a freeride turn (initiation, middle section, finish) are explained, with variations depending on the steepness of the terrain.
  • Information is provided on joining ski camps for further learning and practice.