5 Reasons You SUCK at Skiing Powder | Lets Fix It!

Learn how to ski powder and correct these 5 common mistakes the average skier makes when freeride skiing. Don´t let the title disconcert you, sucking at skiing powder is fantastic because you get to crash more often and we all know crashing in powder is perhaps the best part of it. Always laugh at yourself when you crash and try to do better next turn; you will quickly learn how to easily ski the powder. Compare yourself with how you skied yesterday, and your progression will be full of joy, I wish you a snowy winter /Jens.
00:00 In this How to Ski Powder Tutorial, You Will Learn to Correct Common Mistakes
00:49 Wrong Equipment
01:11 Worst to Best Type of Skis to Ride Powder
Bent 85, X9s, All Mountain, Bent 110, Backland 107
03:32 Join a Stomp It Camp for Adults
03:43 Question to Gian
04:59 Piste Technique Matters
05:07 Drill: Go Carving With your Powder Skis
05:31 Drill: Keep Hips Stable | Learn to Rotate Your Legs
06:19 Check out Our Ski Technique Playlist
06:31 Question to Basil
07:18 Question to Ski Instructor (My favourite answer)
07:34 Skiing Backseated
08:01 Drill: Pump + Hip Forward | Get Your Posture Right
09:30 Skiing too Rigid
09:59 Powder Dolphin Turn | Become More Dynamic
10:16 Question to Silvan
10:30 Question to Lou
10:43 Skiing too Slow
10:56 Too Flat Terrain Will Make It Harder to Turn
11:21 Let the Speed Build Up | Count 1,2, 3 & Turn
11:58 Too C-Shaped Turns Will Kill Your Flow
12:52 Drill: Cut the "C" into a Banana | A Shorter Arc Lengths Helps Maintain Speed and Rythm
13:35 Thank You For Making it To The End. Your Awesome!