How to Ski Powder | 5 Tips to Improve Your Style

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

In this video, the Jens provides five tips on how to ski powder with more style. The tips include wearing safety gear, mastering the technique for face shots, thinking like an artist when choosing lines, understanding when to make big or small turns, having flow in your skiing, and landing jumps or drops with control.


  • When skiing powder, it’s important to always wear a transceiver probe and shovel and know how to use them in case of an avalanche.
  • Face shots, where you ski through a cloud of snow, can be achieved by maintaining a good amount of speed and aggressively engaging your edges.
  • To ski powder with style, think like an artist and choose lines that will create aesthetically pleasing tracks down the mountain.
  • Consider the scale of turns based on the size of the face or mountain; larger turns are more suitable for big faces while shorter turns work better in narrow shoots.
  • Flow is key to skiing with style, and it can be achieved by having smooth pole plants and avoiding excessive side slipping.
  • When landing jumps or drops in powder, aim to land in a perfect skier’s position and absorb the impact before starting to turn.
  • It’s important to regain control of your position before attempting to slow down, as trying to shave off speed while off-balance can lead to crashes.