How to Ski Powder | 5 Tips on Perfecting Your Powder Turn

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides tips on perfecting your powder turn while skiing. It emphasizes the importance of proper avalanche training and equipment. The tips cover aspects such as turn shape, balance, steering with the feet, and pole planting.


  • Before skiing powder, it is important to receive proper avalanche training and use the necessary equipment.
  • When skiing powder, it is best to start with open turns rather than tight, zigzaggy turns.
  • Leaning slightly forward (fore) and maintaining shin pressure helps with balance while skiing powder.
  • Proper side-to-side balance can be achieved through a blend of inclination and angulation.
  • Steering with the feet is important for making smooth powder turns and can be practiced through a straight-line exercise.
  • Pole planting in a circular motion provides stability to the upper body and helps with balance while skiing powder.