How to Ski Powder | 4 Features & 12 Tricks

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides tips and tricks for skiing powder, focusing on four features that can be found on any mountain. The features include wind lips, rollers, pillows, and drops. The author advises wearing safety equipment and knowing how to use it when skiing powder.


  • Always wear safety equipment like a transceiver, probe, and shovel when skiing powder.
  • Wind lips are abundant in backcountry skiing and can be used for jumps and tricks.
  • Rollers are exciting features to ski on and can be used for airs and nose butters.
  • Pillows, which are rocks or tree stumps covered in snow, can be a fun feature to ski on if they have enough layers of snow.
  • Drops are another feature that can be used for jumps and tricks, but it is important to ensure a safe landing and have proper technique.
  • Tips and tricks are provided for each feature, including how to approach them and what tricks to try.