How to Ski Powder | 3 Common Mistakes & How to Fix Them

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides a guide on how to ski powder and discusses three common mistakes that skiers make in powder skiing. Jens emphasizes the importance of correcting these mistakes to enhance the skiing experience. The three common mistakes discussed are leaning back too much, looking up the hill after finishing a turn, and skiing with feet too wide. The tutorial also offers practical tips and exercises to fix these mistakes, such as finding a mellow pitch for the pumping drill, maintaining a firm core and hand position, and bringing feet closer together.


  • Leaning back too much while skiing in powder drains energy and makes turning difficult.
  • Jens recommends straightening up and relaxing down in ski boots for a better skiing position.
  • Practicing the pumping drill on a gentle slope can help to avoid sinking the tails of skis into the snow and improve turns.
  • Skiing too slow can cause sinking, similar to water skiing, and speeding up can help to float on top of the snow.
  • Jens suggests using appropriate skis, such as rocker skis with a width of 95-110mm, to improve powder skiing experience.
  • Looking up the hill after finishing a turn can lead to over-rotation and potential crashes. The author advises keeping a firm core and projecting the upper body down the hill.
  • Skiing with feet too wide can result in imbalanced weight distribution and spin-outs. The author recommends bringing the feet closer together for better control.
  • Pracitcing with exaggerated feet close together can help in improving foot position for future runs.