5 Fun Ski Tricks to Do in Powder

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides instructions on five fun ski tricks to try in powder snow. The tricks include the powder front roll, the 180 drop, the switch revert, the slash, and slash combos. Each trick is described in detail with tips on how to execute them properly. The article also emphasizes the importance of safety and practicing in the right conditions.


  • The tutorial teaches five fun ski tricks for powder snow conditions.
  • Trick #1: The powder front roll is explained, with tips on tucking your head in and protecting yourself during the trick.
  • Trick #2: The 180 drop is demonstrated, with instructions to learn a little bit nose-heavy to prevent backflip tomahawk.
  • Trick #3: The switch revert is described, highlighting the importance of stopping the switch turn and getting the noses up quickly.
  • Trick #4: The slash is explained, with emphasis on twisting the feet and spraying as much snow as possible.
  • Trick #5: Slash combos are introduced, providing variations on the slash trick.
  • Safety and practicing in appropriate conditions are emphasized throughout the article.