2 Runs and a Broken Ski C’est la Vie | Ski Vlog

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This ski vlog follows the adventures of Jens and Will as they search for good snow and attempt to film some impressive jumps. Despite facing heavy snow the previous day, the skiers remain optimistic. They test out a new pair of skis and explore a makeshift snow park with wooden takeoffs. They enjoy hitting the jumps and even provide some tips for landing safely. They then move on to do some backcountry skiing, showcasing their skills on steep landings. Unfortunately, the day ends early when one skier breaks their ski binding.


  • Jens and Will are excited to find good snow and film their skiing adventures.
  • They start by testing out a new pair of skis for the first time of the season.
  • The skiers explore a snow park with wooden takeoffs and have fun hitting the jumps.
  • They provide tips for landing safely on big jumps and emphasize the importance of looking where you want to land.
  • The skiers then move on to do some backcountry skiing and enjoy hitting steep landings.
  • Will breaks his ski binding, ending the day early.
  • They discuss the possibility of more jumps being added to the snow park if it proves successful.
  • The skiers express the importance of safety and caution when attempting jumps.
  • They conclude the vlog by thanking their viewers and acknowledging the need for rest before their next adventure.