The 10 First Tricks To Learn on Skis

What you will Learn in this Ski Tutorial

This video tutorial by Stomp It Tutorials outlines the first 10 tricks to learn on skis, providing a recommended order to learn them in for building a solid foundation. The tricks include: learning how to pop, mastering ollies, practicing jumping or straight air, developing the safety grab technique, using the shifty technique for over/under rotations, learning to ski switch or backwards, mastering the 180 spin, experiencing the 5050 on a box, sliding forwards on a box, and sliding switch on a box.


  • The first trick to learn on skis is how to pop, which involves jumping straight up in the air with body weight centered and skis shoulder width apart.
  • Ollies are important to learn for generating force to get onto high features or jump over obstacles.
  • Jumping or performing straight air is crucial and builds upon the previous tricks, with emphasis on landing perpendicular to the landing surface.
  • The safety grab involves riding in, looking towards the end of the jump, bending knees, and popping hard at the end of the take off while grabbing the ski slightly underneath it.
  • The shifty technique is useful for correcting over or under rotations and involves twisting the legs one way and the upper body the other way.
  • Skiing switch or backwards is an essential skill for learning switch spins or landing backwards, starting with a slight snow plow and progressing to switch parallel turns.
  • The 180 spin is the first step towards more advanced spins and can be practiced on side hits or small table top jumps.
  • The 5050 on a box is a relatively simple trick that involves riding straight onto the box with feet together to understand how slippery it is.
  • Box slide to forwards and box slide to switch are tricks that require the use of the shifty technique called counter rotation and can be practiced on boxes of increasing difficulty.