How to Nose Butter on Skis for Beginners

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial video provides step-by-step instructions for beginner freestyle skiers on how to nose butter on skis. Nose buttering involves rolling up on the skis’ noses and creating a controlled spin. The video emphasizes the importance of keeping the knees slightly bent to avoid injury and finding a flat practice area. It also highlights the benefits of using skis with a camber and rocker shape, as well as the significance of properly timing arm movements to enhance rotation. The tutorial progresses from basic nose butters on a flat area to more advanced tricks on steeper slopes, rollers, and banks. The video concludes by inviting viewers to join freestyle camps for adults to further develop their skills.


  • The tutorial teaches beginner freestyle skiers how to nose butter on skis.
  • Skiers are advised to keep their knees slightly bent to avoid knee injuries.
  • Finding a flat practice area is essential for learning nose butters.
  • The tutorial recommends using skis with camber and rocker for easier nose buttering.
  • Timing arm movements correctly can enhance rotational movement.
  • Slope spins are introduced as a prerequisite for nose butters.
  • Using a pole plant can help with balance and rotation during nose butters.
  • The tutorial progresses to performing nose butters on rollers and banks.
  • Participants are encouraged to join freestyle camps for adults to improve their skills.