How to Butter on Skis

What you will Learn in this Ski Tutorial

This transcript provides a tutorial on how to perform nose butters on skis, focusing on doing them over rollers and knuckles. The steps include learning small carved 360s, finding a good knuckle to press on, starting with little speed to increase comfort level, and leaning the chest downwards to initiate the butter. The technique involves carving, increasing speed, popping the feet up in the air, and pressing hard on the noses of the skis. To add style, the skier carves and adds immediate pressure on the noses, sending the skier straight again. Avoiding common mistakes such as lack of pressure on the noses and letting the skis extend the legs too much is important. The transcript also encourages viewers to visit for more detailed tutorials and to follow the company on social media for updates on new tutorials.


  • Butters can be done anywhere on the mountain, including knuckles, side hits, kickers, rails, or flat ground
  • Nose butters are the focus of this tutorial, tail butters will be covered in another video
  • Learning small carved 360s is important to spin off carved edges quickly
  • Find a knuckle with a shape that is easy to press on and provides sufficient hang time
  • Start with little speed to gradually increase comfort zone
  • Lean the chest downwards to initiate the butter
  • Carve and increase speed to make the trick look more stylish
  • Use shin pressure to pop and press down on the noses of the skis
  • Carve, pop, and immediately press down on the noses for a smoother butter
  • Avoid common mistake of not enough pressure on the noses by sending the chest downwards and using strict hamstrings control