5 Easy Ski Tricks Gradually Made Crazy

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

in this video where the Jens and X Games champion Fabian Bösch demonstrate five easy skiing tricks. They start with a hand plant, followed by a cute little hand plant and a daffy buster. They then progress to daffy landings and add some obstacles to the tricks. The video concludes with some more advanced tricks, including sliding without skis and doing an early tail grab. Jens provides tips and advice throughout the video.


  • The video features Fabian Bösch, an X Games champion, demonstrating five easy skiing tricks.
  • Trick #1: Hand plant - finding a bank and using a hand to turn around.
  • Trick #2: Cute little hand plant - balancing on a tripod and rotating.
  • Trick #3: Daffy buster - spinning with one foot leading and trying a double daffy.
  • Trick #4: Daffy landings - practicing landing with both skis clicking out.
  • Trick #5: Sliding without skis - sliding on rails without skis, which requires good balance.
  • Trick #6: Early tail grab - starting with a 180 and eventually doing a 540, using the leading hand to grab the tail.
  • The video concludes with the host attempting a worm turn on a feature and Fabian attempting a crazy worm turn.