15 Easy Ski Tricks (That Aren’t That Easy)

What you will Learn in this Tutorial 

This tutorial video titled “15 Easy Ski Tricks (That Aren’t That Easy)” features Jens showcasing or trying to showcase a series of tricks ranging from simple to challenging. Jens demonstrates various stunts, including hands-free skiing, push-ups on skis, pole tricks, glove juggling, and attempting to flip into the ski bindings. The video encourages viewers to persevere and never give up when attempting new tricks.


  • Jens shows 15 ski tricks, ranging from easy to challenging.
  • Some tricks are easy, while others are extremely difficult.
  • Jens performs hands-free skiing as a cool trick to impress others.
  • Push-ups on skis are showcased as a fun challenge.
  • Jens demonstrates pole tricks, including picking up a pole with their mouth and using it as a lipstick.
  • There are several failed attempts while performing the tricks.
  • Glove juggling is suggested as a simple trick to learn.
  • Jens attempts to flip into the ski bindings but fails to do so.
  • The video concludes with a message of perseverance and never giving up on learning new tricks on skis.