How to 360 on Skis | an Intermediate Skiers Progression

What you will Learn in this Tutorial 

This video is a tutorial on how to do a 360 on skis, aimed at intermediate skiers. Jens, alongside his student Nico, covers common mistakes, warm-up exercises, and progressions leading to 360 spins. They focus on improving popping, performing 180s, and eventually mastering the 360 spin. Jens provides tips on body positioning, arm placement, timing, and maintaining the center of gravity throughout the spins.


  • The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to perform a 360 on skis.
  • Jens emphasizes the importance of warming up and getting the popping technique right before attempting spins.
  • They highlight the common mistakes beginners make, such as excessive twisting and uneven weight distribution.
  • Nico is shown practicing 180s to develop better body alignment and timing.
  • Jens provides feedback on Nico’s performance, focusing on improving arm placement and timing for better spins.
  • The progression from smaller jumps to larger ones is recommended to build confidence and gradually increase difficulty.
  • Tips are given on how to maintain the center of gravity and leverage arm positioning for better results.
  • Jens demonstrates a 540 spin to challenge himself and encourages Nico to attempt a 360 spin.
  • The video concludes with the importance of practice, perseverance, and the enjoyment of the learning process.