How to 360 on Skis

In this ski tutorial, I coach Chelsea on how to do 360s on skis the way pros do it. You will learn how to do 360s and land perfectly with 3 slightly different techniques, and if you want to become great, you at least need to learn the two main ones: pop forward and carved 360s. I feel like I have more to say on this topic, but it didn't fit this freestyle tutorial. Enjoy and have fun improving your freestyle skiing skills!
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Check out:
00:00 What you will learn in this 360 on skis tutorial
01:02 Get Your Pop Right
02:42 Join a Freestyle Camp
02:55 Drill 1: Pop 360s Forward | Learn to Create a Forward Tilt
05:00 Drill 2: Pop 360 to a Slope | Learn to Create a Forward Tilt
06:19 Pop Perfect 180s
06:25 Drill 3: Land 180 Perpendicular | Start Slow & Small then Slowly increase
08:03 Pop Perfect 360s
08:09 Drill 4: Pop 360 to Perpendicular Landing | Be Patient, This is Difficult
09:26 Drill 5: Let's Wobble the 360 | Screw Popping Perfect Chelsea Gets to Continue to Practise that Later
13:15 Carved 360s