A 6 Step Progression to the Only Ski Trick You Need to Know

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides a 6-step progression to mastering the 360 tail grab, which is considered the only ski trick you need to know. The progression starts with learning the shifty, followed by an easier shifty with a knee drop and heel lift, then moving on to the tail grab and the more difficult blunt. The next step is to learn the techniques for spinning and grabbing with both leading and trailing hands. Finally, the progression culminates in learning how to perform a 360 tail grab, both with a trailing grab and a leading grab. Jens emphasizes the importance of proper technique and body positioning throughout the progression and warns against common mistakes such as twisting the whole body or neglecting the shifty technique. Joining a freestyle camp for additional guidance is also recommended.


  • The 360 tail grab is considered the only trick you need to know in skiing.
  • The progression starts with learning the shifty, which involves counterweighting the skis and popping with ankle, knee, and hip rotations.
  • Dropping the knee and lifting the heel are added to the shifty technique for an easier shifty.
  • The tail grab is accomplished by looking towards the tail, grabbing it, and maintaining proper technique.
  • The blunt, a more difficult form of tail grab, is achieved by starting with the right hand (or left for left-handed skiers).
  • Techniques for spinning and grabbing with both leading and trailing hands are explained.
  • The 360 tail grab requires a faster spin and a delayed grab due to the tail grab slowing down the rotation.
  • Both trailing and leading tail grabs in a 180 and 360 rotation are demonstrated.
  • Advanced techniques like corking and adding style and fluidity with carving are mentioned.
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