How to 360 on Skis | 4 Common Mistakes & Corrections

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides a detailed guide on how to successfully execute a 360 on skis. The transcript includes instructions on body positioning, spinning technique, jumping mechanics, and common mistakes to avoid. Expert tips are provided to help skiers improve their spinning technique and achieve a smooth and controlled 360 rotation.


  • The tutorial explains the importance of sinking down and maintaining an upright, strong position while executing a 360 on skis.
  • It suggests two spinning techniques: a relaxed fashion with no wind-up and a wind-up technique for more speed.
  • The importance of keeping the eyes high to follow the horizon and maintain a straight rotation is emphasised.
  • Proper body positioning, including bending down, popping up, and staying as straight as possible during takeoff, is explained.
  • A T-set technique is recommended for beginners to find balance and control during the 360 rotation.
  • Tips for increasing rotation speed, such as pulling in the arms and legs, are provided.
  • Jens suggests practicing 540s and 720s to further challenge spinning technique.
  • The use of ski edges and hip movement to generate wind-up for the 360 rotation is explained.
  • Guidelines for executing a 360 on a small park jump and landing smoothly are provided.
  • Common mistakes, such as looking down, tipping backward, and counter-rotating, are identified.
  • The importance of maintaining focus on the horizon and lifting the tails at the right time is emphasized.