360 on Skis | 4 Drills Todo Before Sending It


What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides four drills or exercises to practice before attempting a 360 on skis. These drills help improve skills such as even pressure, timing, rotation, edge control, and landing.


  • Before attempting a 360 on skis, it is important to practice some spinning in ski boots to ensure even pressure and a straight pop.
  • Slope spins are introduced to get used to rotating and committing to a rotation, while also improving edge control.
  • Another exercise involves performing a 180 while looking over the shoulder and sliding around, which helps in getting used to the landing and rotation.
  • Finding a nice hip jump allows for progression from 90s to 180s and over-rotating a side slip, which helps in practicing the last part of a 360.
  • These drills help skiers get comfortable with the skills required for a 360 and can prevent injuries from incorrect edges or awkward landings.
  • The tutorial is presented from Dubai, Austria, and the Jens mentions the possibility of joining a ski camp for more information.