11 Intermediate Tricks to Learn on Skis

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides a list of 11 intermediate tricks to learn on skis, such as 360s, front side 270 out, backside 270 off, 360 surface, shifty 360, front and back swaps, 270 on, K-Fed, tail butter 360, and 540 spins.


  • The tutorial recommends starting with basic tricks like 360s and front side 270 out before attempting the more advanced tricks.
  • For 360s, it is important to have a clean carve, keep the upper body straight, and land with the skis parallel.
  • Front side 270 out requires practicing in ski boots first and then progressing to trying it on a flat box in the park.
  • Backside 270 off can be done by stopping the rotation with the front foot and swinging the back foot to complete the trick.
  • 360 surface tricks are easy and fun, and require rotating slightly while keeping the feet at hip width apart.
  • Shifty 360 is a challenging trick that involves twisting the skis in one direction and then quickly rotating them in the opposite direction while spinning.
  • Front and back swaps involve rotating on to a rail or box and then swapping the direction of the rotation to complete the trick.
  • 270 on requires first mastering a 180 on and then progressing to a 270 on while landing perpendicular to the feature.
  • K-Fed is a trick that involves rotating on, swapping direction, and then completing a backside 270 out.
  • Tail butter 360 requires starting in a tail butter position and then swinging the arms to complete a 360 spin.
  • 540 spins are more advanced and require a strong pop off the jump and good spinning technique.