The Most Useful Drill to Better Carve on Skis | Drill Bits

In this how to carve on skis tutorial I teach an simple yet effective drill to learn to get 100% pressure onto the outside ski while challenging both your posture and balance. Getting good at single leg carving will give you much more confidence in your skis and abilities. Book a Camp → ⛷️ 🚡
00:00 Learn to Ski with 100% Outside Ski Pressure
00:23 Learn to Counter The Common Mistake and Learn to Have more Outside Ski Pressure
00:39 Drill: Easy Single Leg Carving | Start Slow and Lift the Ski After The Transition
01:19 Balance Tips to Make it Easier to Ski on One Leg
02:35 Join a Ski Camp for Adults
02:49 Drill: Advanced Single Leg Carving | Try to Lift The Ski at or Before the Transition