How to Use the Hips to Carve on Skis | The Crucial Ability

Unleash the full potential of your skiing technique by harnessing the dynamic role your hips play. Dive into the world of skiing where your hips affect balance, pressure control, and carving precision. Learn game-changing strategies, engage in practical drills, and master the art of "hip pedaling" to control pressure and inrease edge angles. Moreover, we'll stress the vital role of self-assessment and feedback in refining your skiing technique. Consider taking your skills to the next level by exploring the numerous benefits of joining ski technique camps for advanced practice and skill enhancement.

00:00 Introducing how to use the hips to carve on skis
00:50 Hips and Balance | Aid the Fore & Aft Balance
02:05 Ski Drill: How to Use the Feet and the Hip Carving on Skis
03:07 Consider a Ski Camp for Adults
03:12 How to Use the Worm Turn To Make Any Crash into a Trick
03:38 Too much forward pressure can make you skid due to un-weighting the tails thus loosing grip
04:03 Ski Drill: Hip to the Inside to Increase Edge Angles
05:24 Hip Pedaling (aka How to Hip Hike on Skis)
06:10 Ski Drill: Seated Hip Pedaling
06:39 Ski Drill: Hip Pedaling While Skiing
07:05 Ski Drill: Hip Down and Up
07:56 Feedback
08:09 Present Feedback: Feel for the Thing you are Trying to Improve
08:28 Sectional Feedback: Watch a Replay in your Mind
09:00 Lift Feedback: Video analysis
09:31 Hips in the Direction of Travel
09:56 Ski Drill: Let the Skis Turn You
10:26 Ski Drill: Outside Hip Down & Forward (Think of it as the pedaling and add a bit of forward pressure on the outside hip moving the outside ski forward)
11:03 💚 Thank You for Watching ⛷️