How to Ski in a Day | 20 Tips

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides tips and guidance for beginners who want to learn how to ski in a day. It covers various aspects including equipment, finding a suitable practice spot, carrying skis, proper posture, basic movements, riding lifts, snow plow turns, transitioning to parallel turns, and mountain skills like side slipping, traversing, and jumping.


  • The video provides a comprehensive guide for beginners who want to learn skiing in a day
  • It emphasizes the importance of comfortable ski boots and proper gear such as waterproof pants, jacket, ski socks, goggles, helmet, and gloves
  • It advises beginners to borrow, rent, or buy equipment initially and to keep the ski length short for easier handling
  • Finding a suitable practice spot is crucial, and beginners are recommended to start on flat slopes for safety and confidence-building
  • The video suggests practicing next to the parking lot or in designated beginners areas with easy slopes
  • Jens highlights the importance of proper posture, known as the athletic stance, which involves pressure along the entire foot, a slightly bent knee, and a straight hip over the feet
  • Basic movements such as pushing with ski poles, skating for faster movement, and twisting skis for steering are explained
  • Snow plow and parallel turns are introduced, with tips on maintaining balance, controlling speed, and transitioning between turns
  • Tips are provided for riding different types of ski lifts, including button lifts, anchor lifts, and sit lifts
  • Mountain skills like side slipping, traversing, and jumping are covered, which can be useful in different terrain situations