How to Ski | 5 Drills to Improve Your Skiing

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides five drills that can help improve skiing technique, with an emphasis on rotational separation and angulation. The drills include lifting the inside ski, pole dragging, Javelin turns, short turns, and forward carving. The tutorial also highlights the importance of foot position and balance in skiing.


  • The tutorial discusses the Jens personal skiing journey and how drills helped improve technique.
  • The concept of rotational separation is explained, which involves separating the lower and upper body during turns.
  • Angulation is introduced as a technique to put the skis at an angle by separating the lower and upper body.
  • The importance of proper foot position, balance, and arm placement is mentioned for improved skiing.
  • Jens explains the basics of turn shapes, including radius, arc length, and corridor width.
  • The first drill focuses on lifting the inside ski to improve angulation and steering with the feet.
  • The second drill involves pole dragging to increase weight on the outside leg and improve angulation and rotational separation.
  • The third drill, called Javelin turns, combines lifting the inside ski with carving turns to challenge balance, angulation, and rotation.
  • Short turns are recommended as a technique to improve rotational separation and angulation, particularly on steeper terrain.
  • The final drill suggests practicing J-turns to get used to carving turns and edge control.
  • Jens emphasises the importance of playful skiing and having fun while also focusing on technique.