How to Ski | 10 Drills to Conquer the Entire Mountain

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides 10 skiing drills to help improve skiing skills and conquer the entire mountain. The drills focus on skills such as rotating the feet, knees, and legs instead of the upper body, improving shock absorbers, and practicing compression turns and short turns. The article also emphasizes the significance of maintaining a stable head position and using techniques like cross over and cross under for better ski technique. The author emphasizes the importance of these skills for a more enjoyable skiing experience and mentions the availability of ski technique camps for adults to learn and have fun.


  • The video offers 10 skiing drills to improve skills and conquer the mountain.
  • The first drill focuses on rotating the feet, knees, and legs instead of the upper body.
  • The importance of rotating the feet is demonstrated through pivot slips and following a line in the snow.
  • The drills progress to incorporating dynamic movements and going up and down while rotating the feet.
  • The second set of drills concentrate on improving shock absorbers for better control in bumpy terrain.
  • Compression turns are practiced to simulate turning over a bump and controlling speed.
  • Additional drills involve practicing short turns with a strong pole plant and facing the upper body down the hill.
  • The video mentions the advantages and disadvantages of using a cross over technique and encourages combining techniques for optimal ski technique.
  • Ski technique camps for adults are offered, focusing on powder ski technique and freestyle skills.
  • The importance of safety and using avalanche equipment in the backcountry is highlighted.