How to Short Turn | the 1 Mistake Advanced Skiers Do

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video features coach Josh coaching Jens, on how to improve his short turns. They discuss the difference between short turns and larger turns, emphasizing the importance of upper body separation. Jens initially struggles with leaning too far forward and losing pressure on his skis, resulting in skidding and zigzag movements. Josh instructs him to sit back on his skis and exaggerate the weight on his heels, which leads to cleaner turns and more consistent pressure. However, this new technique uncovers the issue of falling over, so they plan to focus on improving angulation and rotational separation in the next video.


  • Josh coaches Jens on improving his short turns
  • Emphasis on upper body separation and pointing down the hill
  • Jens initially leans too far forward, causing skidding and loss of pressure
  • Instructed to sit back on skis and exaggerate weight on heels
  • Cleaner turns and consistent pressure achieved
  • Issue of falling over uncovered, requiring improvement in angulation and rotational separation