How To Short Turn on Skis | Live Coaching | 10 Tips

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This is a video of a live coaching session featuring head coach Josh and coach Will skiing preparing for their level three exams. Will is a former mogul skier, so the coaching focuses on helping them improve their short turns and edge control. Josh provides tips and feedback throughout the session, emphasizing the importance of starting turns with edge engagement and gradually building pressure. Will makes progress in adjusting their stance and improving their edge control.


  • Coach Will is preparing for their level three exams and wants to ensure their short turns and edge control are up to standard.
  • The first few turns of the season feel a bit wonky, but Will improves and feels smoother in subsequent attempts.
  • Will, being a former mogul skier, is used to quick and sharp turns, but the coaching focuses on making the turns more open and less edgy for the flat slope.
  • Will struggles with edging and rotation, with Josh guiding them to focus on engaging the edges early and minimizing quick rotations.
  • Will adjusts their stance to a wider position, improving their weight shift and edging capabilities.
  • Will practices traversing to get a better feel for edging before implementing it in the turns.
  • Will gradually shortens their turns while maintaining good edge control, making progress in the right direction.
  • Will receives positive feedback for the changes made and is advised to continue focusing on their stance improvement for their upcoming exams.