How to Short Turn on Skis, 2 Drills to Master Rotation | Drill Bits

In this how to short turn on skis tutorial, I teach you an excellent way to keep the hip stable while doing short turns. Keeping the hip stable will also keep the upper body stable and pointing down the hill. This will help you to do quicker turns and more effortless powder turns, thanks to the fact you have less mass to turn when only the skis and legs are doing the turning or rotation.
00:00 Learn to make hip stable short turns
00:39 Drill: Braquage With Hands on the Hips
02:26 Join a Stomp It Camp for Adults
02:39 Braquage With Poles on the Hips
03:07 Drill: Short Turns with the Hands on the Hips
03:46 Drill: Short Turns with Poles on the Hips