How to Short Turn | 3 Common Mistakes All Skiers Do

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video features Jens receiving coaching from Josh to improve his short turn technique. They focus on stabilizing Jens’ upper body, creating proper angulation, and maintaining balance throughout the turn. They practice drills such as outside ski drills and hopping between skis in short turns to enhance Jens’ ability to generate pressure on the outside ski. They also work on pole drills to improve stability and control angulation. By the end of the session, Jens demonstrates significant improvement in his stability and upper body posture during short turns.


  • Jens aims to achieve the Level 4 ski instructor exam in the next two years.
  • The coaching session begins by working on Jens’ upper body stability and reducing excessive movement.
  • Outside ski drills focus on creating an angle between the upper and lower body to improve angulation.
  • Hopping between skis in short turns helps Jens experience pressure on the outside ski.
  • Jens practices one-legged short turns to further enhance angulation and stability.
  • Jens works on pole drills to maintain a stable upper body and control angulation.
  • Jens successfully demonstrates stability and improved upper body posture in short turns on a mellow slope.
  • They challenge themselves on a steeper slope, where Jens maintains stability but falls back into an old habit of leaning forward at the end of the turn.
  • Overall, there is significant progress in Jens’ technique, especially in the end of the turn, transition, and engagement into the new turn.