How To Make Rad Short Turns the Easy Way

What you will learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial discusses a technique for making high-performance short turns on skis, starting with curved turns and transitioning into short turns. Jens shares their personal experience of learning this technique and the impact it had on their skiing ability. The tutorial also introduces the “five-five” drill, which involves five curved turns followed by a short smudged turn. Jens emphasizes the importance of maintaining proper body position and pressure control while executing these turns. Video analysis is recommended to further understand and improve these techniques.


  • Jens recounts their experience of mastering short turns during a ski instructor exam.
  • The traditional approach of increasing the radius and edge angle did not work for Jens
  • Jens was introduced to a different approach that involved transitioning from curved turns to short turns.
  • Jens demonstrates the “five-five” drill, which combines curved turns with a slight skid in the middle.
  • Proper body position and pressure control are crucial for executing these turns effectively.
  • Jens recommends video analysis to better understand and refine these techniques.