How to Carve on Skis | Fixing 3 Intermediate Mistakes

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video is a live coaching session where Josh helps William improve his carving technique on skis. They address two common mistakes: an inconsistent stance and low edge angle. Through various drills and techniques, William is able to improve his stance, eliminate rotation, increase his edge angle, and achieve better carving turns.


  • Josh coaches William to improve his carving technique on skis.
  • They address the issues of an inconsistent stance and low edge angle in William’s skiing.
  • Josh suggests a wider stance throughout the entire turn to maintain consistency.
  • They practice drills to eliminate rotation and focus on edging.
  • The railroad drill is used to synchronize knee movements and achieve better edge control.
  • William successfully improves his stance and eliminates rotation.
  • They then focus on increasing edge angle to create tighter turns.
  • Josh introduces the idea of dragging the pole on the outside of the turn to enhance upper body positioning.
  • William achieves higher edge angles and shorter carving radius through these techniques.
  • They use a parallel index monitor to measure William’s progress in maintaining parallel skis.
  • The session concludes with a comparison of William’s data from the first day to the current day, showing significant improvement in edge angle and overall skiing performance.