How to Carve on Skis | Fixing 3 Advanced Common Mistakes

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This  video where the Jens and Josh, gives skiing tips to improve carving technique. They focuses on correcting three common mistakes: hip rotation, separation, and angulation. TheJosh takes Jens, through various drills to help align his body properly and maintain a strong position. Through these drills, Jens improves his carving technique and gains better control over her speed and turn shapes.


  • The video aims to help advanced skiers improve their carving technique.
  • One of the common mistakes identified is hip rotation, which leads to an unstable position.
  • Josh introduces a drill to align the feet, knees, hips, and shoulders parallel to each other to avoid separation.
  • Another mistake is excessive angulation, which can be addressed by gradually adding angulation rather than using it from the beginning of the turn.
  • Through a series of drills, Jens improves his alignment, reduces separation, and gains better control over speed.
  • Josh emphasizes the importance of maintaining speed control on steeper terrain.
  • Jen’s skiing metrics show improvement in pressure control and inclination transitions.
  • Overall, Josh and Jens feel that his skiing has improved, with better control, increased edge angle, and the ability to carve steeper slopes.