5 Reasons You´re NOT Carving on Skis

In this how to carve on skis tutorial, we show you five reasons why intermediate skiers may struggle to carve on their skis, including aiming for too sharp of a turn, skiing on terrain that is too steep, using too much active rotation, having low edge angles, and making unnecessary movements. Enjoy learning about carving on skis and how to correct these 5 common mistakes with some helpful tips and ski drills. 
00:00 What you will learn in this carving tutorial
00:27 Reason 1 | You Are Aiming for a Too Sharp Turn
01:58 Join a Ski Camp & Learn to Rip a Turn
02:14 Asking Radko For More Reasons
02:57 Drill: J-Turn | Learn to Let the Skis Do the Work
03:43 Drill: Link Carved Turn | Patient Transition
04:26 Feedback | Feel the Silence
04:48 Reason 2 | You Are Skiing Too Steep Slopes
05:18 Drill: C-Shaped Turns | Control Speed & Gradually Ski Steeper Slopes
06:03 Feedback | Sense if You Can Keep Constant Speed
06:19 Asking David For More Reasons
07:16 Reason 3 | You Have too Low Edge Angles
07:44 Drill: Ridd the Training Wheels | Soften the Inside Leg
09:07 Reason 4 | Incompetent Inside Foot
09:41 Drill: Stationary Carving | Edging in Unison
10:34 Drill: Rail Roads | Edge in Unison
11:02 Feedback | Train with an Olympian (ad)
11:26 Reason 5 | You Are Doing Unnecessary Movements
12:02 Drill: Posture Reset | Find the Posture at the Transition
12:48 Feedback | Video Analysis | Look for Unnecessary Movements
13:06 ⛷️ Thank You for Watching til the end You Wonderful Skier! 💚