3 Tips to Better Carve on Skis | Fixing the A-Frame

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video provides three tips to help skiers improve their carving technique and fix the common problem of the A-frame. The video explains why the A-frame occurs and offers drills and techniques to address it. The three tips include sharpening the edges of skis and trusting their grip, focusing on proper leg movement and weight distribution, and lifting or softening the inside ski to improve balance and alignment.


  • The video explores how to carve better on skis and get rid of the A-frame.
  • The A-frame occurs when the outside leg has a higher edge angle, causing the skis to take different paths.
  • Carving with an A-frame is a symptom of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.
  • One potential cause of the A-frame is using skis with poor edges that do not grip the snow.
  • Sharpening the edges and trusting them can help improve the A-frame issue.
  • A drill to improve leg movement and weight distribution involves angulating the upper body and putting more pressure on the outside leg while skiing.
  • Lazy feet, calves, and butt can also contribute to the A-frame, and a drill to address this involves using a mirror to practice rolling the feet and engaging the muscles.
  • Another potential cause of the A-frame is hip dumping, where the hip twists outwards from the turn.
  • A drill involving strapping poles to the body and skiing with the arms out can help correct hip positioning and alignment.
  • Softening or lifting the inside ski can improve balance and alignment, making it easier to move the inside leg into the correct position.
  • This technique can also flatten the hip and improve overall skiing skills.