10 Ski Tricks to Do While Carving

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This tutorial provides a guide to 10 ski tricks to try while carving on skis. The tricks range from Euro carves and carving reverts to knee-breaking carves and inside ski turns. The author emphasizes the importance of safety and offers tips and techniques for each trick. 


  • Jens aims to make skiing more fun for everyone by bringing freestyle skiing to carvers and carving to freestyle skiers.
  • Euro carves involve playing around with angulation and sliding on the elbow.
  • Carving reverts can be done in two ways: turning the noses up the hill or turning the entire body up the hill.
  • Adding a hand drag while reverting to switch adds an extra challenge.
  • Ski-Bob is a trick where one sits down and starts carving, leaning forwards as much as possible.
  • Caribou carving involves keeping the feet far apart to create a unique carving technique.
  • Carve 360 to carve is a trick where one carves in a circle and then spins in the opposite direction for a smooth landing.
  • Safety carves should be done on a gentle pitch and require core and neck strength.
  • Inside ski turns focus on inclining a lot and can be made more challenging on uneven slopes.
  • Javelin critical is a trick where the inside foot is lifted and grabbed while skiing on the outside foot.