10 Secrets on How to Use the Feet to Ski Well

In this comprehensive skiing tutorial, we unveil 10 secrets to mastering the art of skiing by harnessing the power of your feet. We'll dive deep into the pivotal role your feet play in sensing pressure, maintaining balance, and adapting to varying snow conditions. Throughout this tutorial, we'll guide you through drills designed to heighten your tactile awareness, ensuring you're always in tune with your movements on the slopes. Discover the role of the feet to ski with precision and control, and learn how to use feedback for continuous improvement in your skiing. Join us for a Ski Camp ⛷ https://stompitcamps.com/camps/ 🚡

00:00 Intro, How to Use the Feet to Carve on Skis
00:39 Let the Feet Speak
01:13 Grip a Pencil with your Toes
01:21 Gently Press the 10 Toes Down for Better Connection to the Ski
01:31 Join a Stomp It Ski Camp for Adults
01:38 Awareness Drill 1: Feel How the Pressure is Moving Around Your Feet
01:49 Awareness Drill 2: Smooth Carving vs Skidding
02:24 Awareness Drill 3: Feel the Snow Conditions
03:02 Avoid the Barbarian Boot Tilt
04:41 The Feet Guide the Balance for Better Skiing
04:45 Let the Feet Guide You Side to Side when Carving on Skis
05:30 Bonus Tip: The Tripod Foot and How to Better Edge on Skis
06:12 Let the Feet Guide Your Fore and Aft Balance on Skis
08:12 Feedback
08:27 Level 1: Present Feedback: Feel for the Thing you are Trying to Improve
09:02 Level 2: Sectional Feedback: Watch a Replay in your Mind
09:31 Level 3: Lift Feedback: Video Analysis
09:57 Carv Feedback
10:57 Foot Scissoring: Alternate Foot Pressure for Smooth Basic Short Turns

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