Ski Tips & Calling Tricks | Will vs Jens

What you will Learn In this Tutorial

Ski Tips & Calling Tricks featuring ski coach Will and Jens. They perform various ski tricks and share tips on how to execute them.


  • Jens demonstrates a downrail trick and advises Will not to land on the kink, a dangerous move.
  • The duo attempts a complicated trick on a flat mailbox, but Jens fails to land it properly.
  • Jens successfully executes a nose butter trick over a ball feature.
  • Will and Jens tap their tails on a quarter pipe while performing a jump trick.
  • Jens tries a shifty to switch trick on a rail, while Will lands an alley 180 on a quarter pipe.
  • Will encourages Jens to redeem himself with a better 180 up the quarter pipe, and they perform a synchronized trick.

Tricks and Tips

  • Downrail: Come in fast but don’t jump too high, watch out for landing on the king.
  • Flat Mailbox: Attempt a backswap to backslide to frontside 270 trick, start buttering early.
  • Nose Butter: Carve up to the feature, butter early to clear the ball.
  • Quarter Pipe Jump: Jump into the side takeoff, tap tails on the coping before going in.
  • Shifty to Switch: Ride the rail regularly and then come to forwards before doing a 180 switch.
  • Alley 180: Go directly up the quarter pipe for an easier trick execution.