Ski Tips & Calling Tricks | Underflips & Flairs

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

In another episode of ski tips and call tricks, coaches Josh and Vin discuss and attempt various ski tricks and techniques. The skiers demonstrate moves such as the switch zero tail tap, underflip, switch toe butter back surface swap, and flares. Throughout the conversation, they provide tips and advice to each other on how to execute the tricks successfully.


  • They discuss and attempt the switch zero tail tap, a trick that involves hitting the jump with the tail and spinning aggressively.
  • They demonstrate the underflip, which is a side flip with a 180-degree spin added.
  • They try the switch toe butter back surface swap, where they continue spinning after a butter trick and switch onto a rail.
  • They explore techniques for sliding a large rail, emphasizing the need to lean back and not come in on too much of an angle.
  • They experiment with a trick involving a 180-degree spin into the down landing of a rainbow feature.