Ski Tips & Calling Tricks | Tail Grabs + Backslides

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

Another ski tips and calling tricks, including tail grabs and backslides. Jens and Will provide tips on technique, speed, and commitment for executing the tricks.


  • Jens and Will demonstrate how to perform a tail grab while spinning in the air, emphasizing the importance of grabbing the tail with the right hand and maintaining a balanced body position.
  • They also provide advice on performing a 217 to backslide, including coming in at a fast speed and landing on the rail with the right leg.
  • They attempt a trick that involves dragging the noses and keeping the spin going to complete a 360.
  • They discuss the technique for performing a 540 with a tail grab, opting for a lead uncle instead of crossing the tails.
  • The skiers demonstrate a backslide on a rail and emphasize the need for speed and not letting fear get in the way.
  • They showcase an alley 360 on a quarter pipe and add a stylish spin at the end by leaving the tails behind.
  • The skiers attempt a 180 arm on a wall ride, aiming to land with a slight nose press and back in.
  • They end the video with a note of appreciation for their viewers and encourage them to watch more ski tips and tricks.