Ski Tips & Calling Tricks | Switch Corks & More

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

In this video Jens and Will  gives tips and demonstrates tricks on various features in the park. They about tricks such as a two-on to a tricky rail, a 180 tail drag, a front flip 90 on a rail, a switch cork 5 safety, a 450 on a tube, and a left and right spin with a nose grab.


  • Jens explains how to approach a two-on on a rail, emphasizing the importance of landing slightly tilted and then immediately tilting forward on the takeoff.
  • Will demonstrates a 180 tail drag, where the goal is to drag the tails as long as possible without popping too much into the spin.
  • They successfully lands a switch cork 5 safety with a carved approach and encourages having slightly too much speed to make the jump feel less small.
  • Jens gives advice on a 450 on a tube, suggesting hitting it straight on and drifting slightly with the left ski in the middle of the tube.
  • Will receives a tip to improve his 450 spin, which involves doing a three with ankle twists and underrotating the upper body slightly.
  • Will attempts a 270 with a nose grab and advises on popping solidly and extending fully before attempting to grab the nose.