Ski Tips & Calling Tricks | 8 Fun Ones

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This video is a guide to performing various ski tricks, explained by Jens and Josh who demonstrate each trick and provide tips on how to execute them. The tricks range from beginner to advanced difficulty levels and include front swaps, backslides, nose presses, and tail butters.


  • Jens and Josh demonstrate a front swap backslide trick, which involves taking extra speed and performing a normal front swap on a long feature.
  • Another trick called the backslide snow grind is shown, where the skier needs to maintain balance while leaning slightly forward and not tipping back during the trick.
  • Jens and Josh discuss a switch front swap trick, which requires setting the tails in between the tubes and performing a front swap motion.
  • They showcase a pyramid feature and explain how to perform a nose press on it by pulling back the speed, landing slightly upwards, and activating the back of the legs for more spring.
  • They demonstrate a natural front swap trick, which involves performing a backswap 360 with counter rotation and landing on the tube again.
  • They showcase a switch three trick, landing on a table and performing a tail butter three into the landing, maintaining pressure on the table while absorbing the kicker.
  • They discuss a k fed trick on a picnic bench to down rail, where the skier needs to land slightly tail pressed and lean back to get the momentum over.
  • They demonstrate a lip on blind four out trick, entering a rail from the inside and performing a blind four out blindfolded.