Ski Tips & Calling Tricks | 10 Easy - Advanced Tricks to Do off Jumps

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

In this video, Jens and Josh discuss and demonstrate various ski tricks and provide tips on how to perform them. They cover tricks such as the unnatural 180, laid out backflip, front flip, switch natural 180, and switch lap. They also talk about different grabs and techniques to improve performance. They share their personal experiences and preferences for each trick, providing insights and advice.


  • Jens and Josh discuss different variations of the unnatural 180, such as using an overshift or doing a tail grab.
  • They provide tips for performing a laid out backflip, including keeping the arms low and focusing on under-rotating slightly.
  • They share their love for the switch natural 180 and discuss their approaches, such as going for a blunt grab or doing a double shifty.
  • They talk about the challenges and strategies for performing a front flip, including the importance of taking a little step before landing.
  • They demonstrate their skills in a switch lap, performing switch three and switch seven with different grabs like lead, trailing, and blunt.
  • They give advice on performing side flips, emphasizing the need for a good pop and recommending a slight backward motion during the rotation.

Ski Tricks:

  • Unnatural 180 variations: overshift and tail grab.
  • Tips for a laid out backflip: keep arms low, under-rotate slightly, and adjust rotation speed if necessary.
  • Techniques for switch natural 180: blunt grab, double shifty, and looking towards the landing.
  • Strategies for front flips: take a step, tuck, and slight sideways glance for orientation.
  • Switch lap tricks: switch three and switch seven with different grabs like lead, trailing, and blunt.
  • Advice for side flips: good pop, slight backward motion, and keeping a tight, core-driven position.