How to Do 3 Tap Tricks and 4 Other Ski Tricks That Feel Great | Ski Tips & Calling Tricks

What you will Learn in this Tutorial

This episode provides ski tricks and tips that feel great, including 3 tap tricks and 4 other tricks that are enjoyable to perform. Josh and Will demonstrate these tricks in a park and share their experiences while doing them.


  • The tricks discussed in this video are ones that the authors enjoy and feel confident doing.
  • One trick involves starting with a regular 50-50 on a rail and then shifting into a switch 50-50, which provides a smooth feeling when landed.
  • Another trick involves attempting a nose grab onto a rail, which can be challenging but satisfying when accomplished.
  • Josh and Will also mention doing fun and smooth tricks on a kinked rail, such as sliding down and then performing a 180 tail tap.
  • They discuss the difficulty of a particular rail feature and how disaster-ing it